Born on December 12, 1969 in Indonesia, I am a self-taught artist whose mature skills and love for art painting and drawing have evolved into an award winning of my own style. Although I received no formal art education, I have developed  my skill over a period of time and used a variety of mediums.

With each painting/drawing I create, a little bit of my soul flows onto the medium to swirl with the vibrant colors and light. I don't feel the need to capture everything exactly as it exists in so-called reality. To appreciate space and form from an imaginative, spiritual and non-realistic perspective for me comes closer to capturing what's more real: that which leaves an impression on my heart and mind. The unseeable spirit that moves form and space. So to me abstraction and true representation are not so far apart. I seek to paint not only objects, but also the spirit therein. For me this is the most personal, emotional and thought-provoking form of art. I consider a painting complete when the idea I am trying to express matches the thoughts in my mind. Often this process leaves me naked and feeling exceptionally vulnerable. If somebody, while looking at my artwork gets that special feeling of something personal, I'm satisfied.

Some people classify my painting/drawing style as realistic impressionism, pop arts, mixed of mixed, and I have been told to be 'everywhere'! The truth is I am simply using the way that most comfortably expressing my inner emotional feeling, through my favorite subjects. You may consider yourself of having a specific style and refuse to do more to bring up what other potentials in you you may have and worse dare not to step out of your "style", limiting yourself to be doing more. I prefer to follow what my mind tells me to do, I am eager to try new techniques, new mediums. What is on my mind is going to be what my drawing/painting will be. For me, art is about expressing how I feel and enjoying what I do. Since my childhood, started from pencil drawing, watercolor, acrylic, oil, then pastel painting. I have been experimenting almost every style every medium.

At the moment, I enjoy combining watercolor, ink, and colored pencil. I use cold press paper that has uneven surface. First I sketch, followed by applying watercolor or ink to fill up to create the 'base' on the uneven surface. After it is completely dried then I layer colored pencils to bring up the light and give life to my drawing/painting. The result is wonderfully amazing. It looks just like oil painting without having to wait the oil to dry or pastel drawing without the powder. Colored pencils that layer on the top of watercolor also work as preservation to protect the watercolor/ink underneath, but still, for extra protection to your investment I also still spray several layers of fixative onto the artwork.

 My work has been proven to be collectible and to look for in Asia now in the USA. Please get it while it is available.  All of models of my artwork are either imaginary, live models, pictures. All models are of ages of 18 or older.

Every piece of my artwork will come with Certificate of Authenticity hand-signed by me. Please take a look at the sample of COA measured approximately 4.5"X6.5" below to make sure you have owned my authentic artwork.

Thank you for your interest in my artwork and especially your support to what I do...

Self portrait; year completed 1995.